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Traffic Law

Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive legal services in cases related to driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, traffic accidents, driver’s license revocation, and alcohol lock.

Our lawyers provide representation for clients in administrative, criminal, and civil proceedings, both before law enforcement authorities and courts.

We provide advice on negotiating an agreement on guilt or innocence and assist in preparing an application for the termination of proceedings or demonstrating insufficient evidence against the client. If necessary, we also provide assistance in appealing a court judgment.

Traffic Law

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in handling such cases and always takes an individual approach to each case, ensuring clients receive professional and effective assistance.

The most important procedural activities are carried out during the preparatory proceedings. Driver interrogations are most often conducted without the participation of a defense lawyer. However, the participation of a lawyer at this stage is crucial, as the statements made by the presumed offender will affect the course of further proceedings and, consequently, the scope of their criminal liability reflected in the content of the court’s judgment.

The presence of a lawyer during the trial is very important. The breadth and difficulty of the regulations make effective defense difficult, and the presence of a lawyer has a positive effect on the course of the court process and the gathering of evidence.


As part of our legal assistance in cases related to driving under the influence of alcohol, we offer advice on the suspension of a driver’s license, representation in court, and negotiation of a conditional discontinuation of criminal proceedings. Our team of lawyers will make every effort to provide the best defense for our clients and achieve the most favorable outcome in the case.


In the case of accusations of driving under the influence of drugs, our law firm provides a wide range of legal services, including representation in court and filing an application for a conditional discontinuation of proceedings or demonstrating insufficient evidence against the client.


We offer representation in the process of regaining a driver’s license and full support in negotiations with public administration authorities.


Our law firm provides support to clients in both cases of involvement in or fault for a traffic accident or collision. Clients can count on help in determining responsibility and defending their rights.

Our law firm represents clients during the court proceedings and provides advice on negotiating an agreement on guilt or innocence. Additionally, we provide assistance in preparing an application for compensation or redress. Clients can count on the support of our lawyers in determining their liability. Clients can also negotiating the amount of compensation for the injured party.


We provide legal assistance in obtaining an alcohol lock. We represent clients in court in the case of a decision on the continued execution of a ban on driving.

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